Meet Possibilities

Possibilities Training Group is a BC-based company that designs and delivers interactive training for groups of all kinds in schools, recreation centres, municipalities, corporations, non-profit agencies and resorts.

For the past 17 years, Possibilities has led groups in interactive workshops that bring people together and promote trust, cooperation and fun in a tangible way.

Our workshops use team initiatives and challenges, awareness activities, small and large group discussions, visioning processes, and revealing debriefs to bring participants together. Though these workshops can have many different outcomes – depending on the goals of each organization – the means to getting there is always the same: ‘learning by doing’.

Not just watching. Not just listening. Actually doing. We engage team members directly in the learning process. We stir them up. Get them talking to each other. Get them thinking together. Get them strategizing and problem-solving and overcoming obstacles. Get them laughing a bit too. Together. For that is how people learn to hear and be heard; how people learn to trust each other and be trusted; how people come to know each other as people, not just as ‘co-workers’. That is how teams are formed. And how they stick together.

Welcome to a world of Possibilities…(we’re glad you could make it).

Meet our Tremendous Team

Shannon Wall Bixby: ‘Blue Sky Thinker’

As a founder of Possibilities, Shannon’s passion for people leads our vision and fuels Possibilities’ creative mindset. A facilitator for over 20 years, she loves nothing more than challenging new groups of people to think creatively, compassionately, differently. Shannon has a Master’s degree in Adult Education from the University of Toronto, and an insatiable thirst for learning. Her love of team synergy and adventure learning fuel her to inspire our clients to strive to achieve their greatest potential.

She is the author of “Growing up to be…Happy”, “Fabulous Facilitation”, and co-author of the popular resource book, “Power Play: Team-Building Games & Initiatives for Children and Youth”. Shannon is also an instructor in the Recreation Leadership Diploma Program at Langara College. She lives by the sea in Victoria, B.C. with her husband and three boys. Shannon can be reached at

Jocelin Caldwell: ‘Think Tank’

Jocelin Caldwell rarely sits still. Whether it’s the twenty years of working in recreation and youth leadership development or the million creative ideas buzzing around her head, begging to come out and play, Jocelin is always on the move. This University of Victoria graduate makes it her business to improve yours: she now specializes in Human Resource Development and finds her fun in tapping into people’s strengths at the workplace. She has completed an International Coaching Federation (ICF) approved coaching certification training from Erickson College and holds her RRP (Registered Rehabilitation Professional) and CCDP (Career Development Practitioner) designations. A long-time Possibilities player, she supplies any company or organization that crosses her path with a limitless supply of ideas and energy. She is our think tank. She is your key to creating a more innovative work environment. Jocelin can be reached at

Claire Wells: ‘Positively Positive’

Claire Wells is absolutely, unquestionably, positively positive. As an avid traveler, student, and snowboarder, she has worked her way through school and across the world through organizing ski trips, running summer day camp programs, working in a geology field school, and driving the “Monster Van” at Canuck Place. In the next year she plans to learn, teach, and play both here in Vancouver as well as in Arizona, Mexico, India, and Nepal. Claire brings her boundless energy, ready smile, and depth of people skills to our team of recreational facilitators. In the seven years since she started working in the field of recreation, she has learned much about the value of patience, humour, and play, and finds it incredibly rewarding to locate and bring out these qualities in others. We know you’ll love her unbridled enthusiasm just as much as we do.