Training Options and Solutions


At Possibilities Training Group, we design and deliver training solutions for a wide variety of sectors: from recreation and education to the corporate world to the non-profit sector. We work with you to find the training solution that answers your needs; whether it is a multi-day strategic planning session; a full-day team-development workshop to re-energize staff; a 3-hour skill-building workshop for professionals who work with children; or a 1-hour ‘ice-breaking’ presentation at a
conference to welcome and acclimatize staff. In the nine years that we have been operating out of the west coast, we have made it our business to custom-design training solutions that speak to the needs of your organization and yours alone.

Some of our most popular workshops include:

  1. Train-the-Trainer Series
  2. Power of Play Workshops
  3. Synergize: Team Development Workshops
  4. Infusing Fun into the Classroom: Workshops for Teachers
  5. Fun in the Sun: Resort and Cruiseline Training

We also offer a series of 3-6 hour inter-municipal workshops that are open to anyone who is interested in attending. These popular workshops generally host 15-30 participants and address topics such as ‘Training for Trainers’, ‘PowerPlay Games’ and ‘Facilitating for Adults’.

No matter what the topic, when you come to a Possibilities training session you can be guaranteed of a few things:

  • Participants will be actively involved in the workshop (ie: there will not be a lot of sitting around taking notes)
  • Participants will learn the material by experiencing it hands-on (ie: discussing it, playing it, debriefing it, debating it…)
  • Participants will get to know one another better, and learn positive ways to interact together that can be carried back to the workplace (ie: they will come to see each other as people, not just as co-workers)
  • Participants will laugh a lot, and have fun together (Don’t worry, we won’t tell).

To custom-design a training solution for your organization, give us a call and we will work with you to assess your training needs.

The possibilities are endless…