Build-Your-Own Staff Training

Since 1998, Possibilities Training Group has delivered hundreds of customized, interactive training workshops for summer camp staff who work in day camps, residential camps, and out-of-school-care programs. Our PowerPlay workshops are designed to be the ‘missing link’ in your existing training programs, and cover a variety of topics of your choosing. These workshops run anywhere from a few hours to a whole week long, and equip participants with a new repertoire of exciting games and creative programming ideas for children and youth. These can include (but are not limited to):

  • Cultivating Kindness: These games give children the opportunity to practice being kind and help to cultivate a culture of kindness in your programs.
  • Move and Groove: Games that Promote Physical Activity and Movement:  Active, high-energy games that will get your kids moving and grooving throughout the summer!
  • Line-up and Transition Games: Games to throw in when you are waiting for a bus, walking to the pool, or lining up for your next activity.
  • Ice Breakers N’ Shakers: Games to start the training off right – and ones to use with the kids to help them get to know one another in a fun, non-threatening way.
  • Positive Play & Team Synergizers: These confidence-building games will get your kids (and staff!) laughing, strategizing, and connecting in no time at all!
  • Team Development: A series of challenges that bring staff together and encourage respect, effective communication, and group development.
  • Circle Fun & Backpocket Games: Games with little or no props to boost the energy of the group, or to pull out in a pinch!
  • Adapting Games: activities and discussion around how to adapt activities and games to meet the needs of children with disabilities, children who speak ESL, and others.
  • Behaviour Management: A role play session that explores various scenarios in a creative way. We’ll discuss strategies for working with shy children, challenging parents, bullies, uncooperative or unmotivated team members, and other situations that apply specifically to your program. Staff walk away with a game plan for action.
  • Conflict Resolution: Activities which address conflict between staff, between staff and parents, and between children.
  • Roles and Responsibilities: The Making of a Superhero: An activity to answer the question, ‘So what are we doing here, anyway?’
  • Coaching Volunteers: This workshop focuses on helping senior leaders effectively manage volunteers in their programs.
  • Teen Time: a series of games and activities for the teen scene!
  • Games for the Little Guys: games specific to the 3-5 year old age group
  • Drama Games and Theatre Sports: Awakening the Imagination – A dash of art, a symphony of sounds and a stage on which it all takes place…
  • Songs and Spirit Builders: A series of camp songs and cheers that will give your kids something to shout about!
  • Junior Leader Training: A special section on how to be a good support person, as well as tips on how to lead games, get control of the group, etc.

Interactive and dynamic, these workshops will give participants many tried-and-tested games and tools that can be implemented directly into new or existing children’s programs. At Possibilities, we believe in “learning-by-doing”, and participants can expect to be actively involved in all parts of this workshop. Participants will also work together throughout the training to create a ‘Box of Gold’ that will hold all of the games and activities they learn, so that they won’t soon forget everything covered halfway through the summer!

The Process…

Email us at to discuss your training needs and we will give you a quote depending on the number of staff you have and the number of hours you would like. We will then custom-design a training to fit your needs and we are off to the races!

Imagine the Possibilities…