Power of Engagement: Youth Worker Training

power-of-engagementThis hands-on workshop is packed with practical games and initiatives perfect for all kinds of youth – from those who come to drop-in programs, to organized youth groups to leadership programs. Perfect for leaders looking for fresh new ideas and energy for youth aged 13-18, this workshop helps recharge staff and refill their toolboxes!

You will learn:

  • Icebreakers n ‘ Shakers: Shaking up and waking up your youth!
  • Active Games that Entertain: Keep youth busy with these laughter-inducing games
  • Team-Building Games & Challenges: Activities that use the experiential learning model to build and bond youth and challenge them to think outside the box!
  • Energizers and Fillers: Quick-n-easy games that require little to no props – perfect to break out in a pinch!

This workshop is for:

  • Youth Drop-in Staff, Leadership Program Leaders, and anyone who works with youth aged 13-18