Power of Play: Camp/OSC Staff Training

Designed for day camp, playground, OSC staff ~ or anyone who works with children~ this hands-on Possibilities training equips participants with a new repertoire of exciting games and creative programming ideas for children aged 3-12. Interactive and dynamic, this workshop will give participants many tried-and-tested games and tools that can be implemented directly into new or existing children’s programs. At Possibilities, we believe in “learning-by-doing”, and participants can expect to be actively involved in all parts of this workshop. Since participants from many organizations and municipalities attend, the workshop also offers a wonderful chance to network between organizations.

You will learn:

  • Icebreakers and get-to-know-you games to get start things off on the right foot.
  • “Positive Play” games and team “Synergizers” that will get your kids laughing, strategizing, and connecting in no time at all!
  • Circle fun & backpocket games that require little or no props, and which are perfect to “pull out in a pinch!”
  • Creative ways to separate children into teams
  • Possibilities’ “Best-of-the-Best” : games that are active, cooperative, and fun, and which have proved themselves, time and time again, throughout the years – our favourites!

This workshop is for those who:

  • work with children in a day camp, OSC, playground, or program setting!
  • want to freshen up their repertoire of games and activities for children aged 3-12.