Synergize: Team Development Workshops

homewoodOur team development workshops use team initiatives and challenges, awareness activities, small and large group discussions, visioning processes, and revealing debriefs to bring participants together. Though these workshops can have many different outcomes – depending on the goals of your organization – the means to getting there is always the same: “learning by doing”.

At Possibilities, we use the Experiential Learning Model as a catalyst for learning and immerse teams in an interactive learning process that engages both the intellect and emotions. We put teams through a four-step cycle that involves experience, reflection, generalization and transfer. We involve team members directly in the learning process, which requires them to strategize, problem-solve and overcome obstacles together.

To ensure that this team development is not lost as soon as the training is over, we build a transfer component – a plan for action – right into each training session. This means that all the learning that goes on gets transferred directly to your workplace – right where it belongs.

The consulting process…

The process of custom-designing a team building workshop that responds to your specific needs and desired outcomes begins with a careful needs assessment. We will ask questions such as, “What are your concerns? What issues do you want to address? What do you hope to achieve during the training? What would your desired outcomes look like when transferred back to the workplace?” This assessment is best conducted in person, but can also happen over the phone. Once this discussion has happened, we will move to the design stage of the process, whereby we begin to create a training itinerary that links the development needs of your team to content, theory, and activity. This training itinerary will be sent to you to review, and then a follow-up discussion will ensue, and any necessary changes will be made.

After the training, another discussion with the main contact person will explore feedback from the day, and possible “next steps”.


The cost of a customized team-development workshop depends on the number of participants and the length of the workshop. The training fee includes a needs assessment (by phone), custom-designed training itinerary, and the implementation and facilitation of the workshop (including all materials, copies, and equipment). Workshops can run anywhere from a few hours to a few days, depending on what your group needs and how much time you can invest into training.

For more information, or to begin customizing your own Synergize! Workshop, please call 604.760.7254.

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